Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Here it goes!

So I have been meaning to start this blog thing rolling since March when we got our first sonogram is now May. I am now over 5 months pregnant and we know that Baby M is now going to be Baby Girl M. Of course we had a name for a boy, so we are open for any suggestions for a girls name. Trey and I have been calling the baby "little baby girl" so maybe we can get this name thing figured out soon. My mom has a monogrammer standing by and is chomping at the bit to get something for the baby. It has been fun registering for baby stuff (much more fun than wedding stuff) and trying to decorate, etc.

Trey is trying to figure out how he can get little baby girl to like fishing and hunting. Our child had to listed to some fishing show the other morning in hopes that it will encourage her to like fishing. I hated fishing and hunting with my dad (I would yell at the animals to run away) so we will see if she takes after me or develops a love for dad's hobbies.

I am starting to ramble, so look for more posts and hopefully a better looking blog soon!