Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm back...

So, I am the worst blogger ever! So much has happened since Rice Cereal almost 3 months ago! We now eat solid foods, can travel across the country/state without problems, have 2 teeth and can crawl across the room! I will try to go month by month!

February was a great month where Haley got used to eating cereal and got better at traveling long distances. We went to San Angelo at the end of the month for the annual Stock Show and Rodeo. Haley got to see her first rodeo parade and rodeo. She did great, but did fall asleep at the end. We went to the afternoon performance with Mema, Papa, Uncle Shawn, Aunt Mandy, Megan and Caroline. This was special to me since i grew up going to the rodeo with my parents and grandparents (Super Mema and Super Papa to Haley). Haley loved rice cereal, but had some problems with oatmeal.

On February 15 we participated in baby dedication at our church. Mema and Papa and numerous aunts, uncles and cousins came to celebrate with us. It was a very special day to us. We committed to raise Haley with God's guidance. She did great and smiled for the camera.

The theme of March was where else could we travel?!?! The first weekend in March we headed east to Arkansas to visit Trey's grandmother; aunt and uncle; cousins and their children. Nanny (trey's mom) joined up with us in Little Rock. Trey's grandmother was excited to meet the newest great grandchild and even sang her two signature songs to Haley. Haley loved meeting her and smiled and played with Grandma's face. Haley did great on the 8 hour trip and managed keep herself entertained and not sleep the entire time!! Gus spent time and Aunt Kellie and Uncle Brandon's house. He was exhausted when we got him home. I guess that is what 3 little kids will do to a puppy. haley mastered sleeping through the night! What a wonderful thing!!

The next weekend we got back in the car and drove to Colorado to go skiing with the Bookter bunch (minus Uncle Shawn and Aunt Mandy.) We survived 16 hours going and coming! I was so proud of Haley. Mema rode with us for a while and on the way back Haley rode with Mema and Papa and her cousins for a while. They loved it! Trey and I had a great time skiing with my dad and family friend Jack. I hadn't been skiing in 6 years and was pretty out of shape. I kept using having a baby as an excuse. I am wondering how much longer I can use it?!? Caroline helped Mema take care of Haley and Megan turned into an amazing skier! She was going over bumps, taking tree trails and jumps before the end of the week...she takes after her dad! Haley had a rough time with the altitude and didn't really sleep through the night. It is hard to get back up during the night after sleeping soundly for so many weeks. Gus stayed at our friends house in the country. They live on an acre. I think that he got spoiled with all of the space to run. He also got to go to the groomer because it rained for a couple days and he loved the mud!

Haley's snowsuit

Haley and Caroline and Megan

When we got back we discovered that the bouncy seat was too small. We also transitioned into Size 2 diapers. Our little girl is growing up! She was 15 lbs. 4oz. We also got the go ahead to start eating solid foods.

The last weekend of March we headed down south to see Nanny and Papaw in Harlingen. We survived our first flight with Haley. Being Type A, I called the airline as well as looked on the TSA website for tips on traveling with an infant. The TSA folks were impressed with my preparedness. We went to the 100th celebration of First Baptist Church Harlingen and we had a great time catching up with everyone. I did get to see some lovely photos of Trey growing up.

In Nanny's backyard

We settled down a little and kept it close to home, except for a little Easter travel to San Angelo and Abilene. We spent Good Friday and part of Saturday with my parents and then drove to Todd and Kathryn's house for Easter Sunday. I am excited about teaching Haley about the true meaning of Easter in the coming years. Not that bunnies, eggs and candy aren't great, but the real celebration is the ultimate sacrifice that Christ made for us and the celebration of Easter Sunday!

Haley with the Easter bunny

Haley with Emily, Keaton, Caleb and Payton

The easter bunny left Haley a blue sucker...Haley loved it!
Oh yeah...the food! I am attempting to make my own baby food to save money, so there is a little more time involved, but we are seeing savings from it!! We love all the veggies we have tried: sweet potatoes, squash (had to grow on her), peas, green beans, pears and apples. We are trying bananas and peaches in the next week. Mommy is a messy feeder and Daddy gets everything in the mouth...where is the fun in that?!?!

Haley cut 2 teeth this month as well. What a horrible experience for her! She had fever, runny nose and couldn't sleep. I have a hard time functioning at work on 3 hours sleep now. She looks really cute with her little teeth.

I promise to blog more!!