Monday, December 8, 2008


After traveling all over Texas, out west and then down south, we finally made it back home last week. We had a great Thanksgiving with Trey's family and Haley had fun with her Nanny, Papaw, aunts, uncles and cousins all week. Trey and are either the worst or the smartest parents around because we have always had Haley in her nursery since coming home from the hospital. I know that it was a long walk in the middle of the night, but that is just how we did things. Thanksgiving week Haley slept in our room. I got up with every sound she made, or didn't make. Haley caught a cold and was snoring worse than Trey all week. When she would stop snoring, I would jump up to make sure she was still breathing. Not fun! She is back to normal and I am back to sleeping a little better. Now I walk across the house to check on her. We went to the beach one night for pictures and to eat. Haley LOVED the beach! She was fussy and when we got outside, so stopped crying and started laughing.

Gus learned how to swim when we were at Nanny and Papaw's house. Fun for the cousins included throwing all of his toys in the pool. The first couple of times he fell in trying to get a toy that was out of reach. After that I think that he started "falling in" on purpose. Gus loves the beach, too. Uncle Brandon also taught him how to pick out his frisbee from all his other toys. We have a very smart dog!

Haley had her 2 month appointment last week and is now 10 lbs. and 22.8" long. She is in the 25% for weight and 75% for height. So we still have a long and skinny baby. She does have a couple rolls on her legs and has a fun double chin. She also got 4 shots at her appointment. Daddy stood in the corner resisting the urge to grab her and run away to keep her from needles. Mommy was strong and started crying with her after the first shot. Amy, the shot nurse, was awesome and all was over in about 30 seconds. It was hard for mommy to watch Haley's blue eyes get as big as saucers and have real tears in them... Haley loves to laugh and kick around and has started "talking" to us.

With a heavy heart mommy returned to work last week. Tuesday was horrible for her and she cried most of the day. Wednesday was easier, but mommy had a fun time this weekend and had another rough day today. Mema was nice and took care of her last week and this week she went to childcare. I know that it doesn't faze Haley that I am not with her, but it sure does come across mommy's mind, constantly!

On a brighter note, we went to see Santa last week. I am posting the photo to warm up your day!