Wednesday, November 19, 2008

8 Weeks

So, I have been a total slacker with blogging as of late. I won't bore you with excuses, but will get to the good stuff...

Trey has been working up a storm on different projects and has been out of town for a couple weeks. He went to Temple (the city not the place of worship) a couple weeks ago for a one day job. It turned into a 4 day nightmare of a job. He finally got home at 2 am Friday night (he was supposed to get home on Wednesday afternoon.) Of course Haley started doing a modified version of a laugh. She loves to be tickled on her tummy and for you to talk in a high pitch. This was milestone #1 that Trey missed. Danielle's parents sacrificed their time to come help me out when Trey was gone. I know that they hated every moment...not really. Gus loved having Otis, my parent's dog, around. He also got to take morning and afternoon walks.

Haley is growing like a weed and a week ago we made the transition to size 1 diapers. Mommy cried because she was leaving the newborn size behind. Of course, it took her 7 weeks to get out of newborn diapers. According to her doctor, she is going to be tall and skinny.

We are in San Angelo this week visiting Mema and Papa and enjoying the wonderful 70 degree fall weather. Gus got to go to The Farm and run around on Saturday. He had the best time running, jumping in the water and chasing insects, etc. Haley took her first trip to the farm in stride and slept the entire time in the truck. We hope that in the years to come she will have as much fun at the farm as Mommy and Uncle Shawn did growing up.

Haley was 8 weeks old how the time has flown. She is starting to reach out for things and almost play a little bit. She doesn't sleep all the time which is fun! She loves mirrors and looking at herself in them. Trey is already scared about how much he is going to have to spend on her!

Danielle's birthday is this week and mema and papa got Trey and Danielle a Wii and Wii Fit for a joint birthday gift. I am sure that we will have a great time using it!

I could only upload photos from my mom's camera. Here are a couple of Otis and Gus, Haley at 7 weeks and Haley getting ready for gameday..She does have Baylor wear, but her pics are on mommy's camera.