Monday, August 31, 2009

The past month has been full of travel and fun vacations. It was nice to be home this weekend! Haley is all over the place! Her new love is opening and closing doors. She laughs hysterically when she closes the door and flashes her smile when she opens it. Her giggle has been replaced with a belly laugh that Trey and I can't get enough of! Haley had her first ear infection a couple weeks ago and has recovered nicely. She loves the taste of the "bubble gum medicine" as Uncle Shawn and Mommy used to call it.

She takes steps and then realizes that she isn't holding onto something and drops to the floor. Walking is not too far away. She loves all food, red meat included, and can't get enough blueberries and strawberries at each meal. Haley gets 3 "bottles" at day care each day. To get her used to not taking a bottle, last week she had one serving in a sippy cup. She took to it with no problems. This week, she is getting two servings in a sippy cup. This makes bottle washing time at night much quicker! We are also mixing mommy's milk with cow's milk. She didn't notice any difference. This makes mommy happy since she is ready to stop pumping at work!!

Mommy finally got birth announcements sent out. My goal was to accomplish this before her birthday. I made it with a month to spare. Emily Post and my grandmother are probably disappointed in me.

We went out to eat on Friday night for Miss Amy's birthday at Mattitos. We are so used to eating at 7 and bedtime at 8, mommy was a little panicked about getting to the restaurant at 7:30. We didn't order until after 8 and she got even more nervous. Nothing to worry about, little Haley did great and was still going strong at 9:30. I think that she was asleep before we left the parking lot. Miss Dusti took a couple photos that I wanted to pass along.

The first is what we like to call the "Sam Elliott" pose. Trey and his friends did this pose in college and we have now officially roped Haley into it.

Sweet Haley!!