Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fun Weekend with the Fam

So, we got back last Sunday and I am just now updating this. To say that it has been a busy week is an understatement! We had a great time with the Bookter clan at Hyatt Hill Country and are looking forward to some R&R with the Mitchell family next weekend. Hyatt Hill Country has a great pool and lazy river where we spent most of our time. Trey and my brother played an entertaining round of golf and evidently my dad is good at retrieving golf balls...other peoples golf balls. The girls had fun at the spa...I got to lay on my stomach with the help of a really cool pillow and my nieces got to go to "camp out school". I am attaching a couple fun photos. There is a group shot in front of the giant plant (that you can't see) the next one is Megan and Caroline feeling baby Haley kicking them. Both say that when she kicks them it is because she loves them. I agree!! The first photo is my dad's tribute to sorority poses everywhere. Our only Griswald moment happened on Saturday night when we went to go grab a bite to eat. Trey bragged about this restaurant called Jailhouse Cafe. We mentioned it and my sister-in-law chimed in that it had the best chicken fried steak. We load up the Bookter cruiser and head downtown. Both the yellow pages online and our GPS say the address and phone number of this place. We didn't really eat anything most of the day to get ready for dinner. We get to the "restaurant" and it is now Action Bail Bonds and a really scary guy greeted us at the door and let us know that the restaurant closed down 3 years ago. We were pretty sad about this turn of events. Oh well, we didn't need to eat chicken fried steak the size of a serving platter anyway! All in all we had a great weekend!

I guess that the sport of choice right now is baseball or softball. We got to go to a Rangers game on Wednesday night which by some luck of the draw was dollar hot dog night. Trey only spent $3 on dogs, but the man in front of us spent at least $10-15. Trey played a double header in softball on Thursday night that even went into extra innings. And the most important game we went to this weekend was our nephew Keaton's tee ball game. This is where most of the fun happens before the game when you get to roll down the hill. Keaton did great and had 4 RBIs.

In other Mitchell news, we are getting a new truck this week. Stay tuned for pics of the newest member of the Mitchell fleet. I guess that I have rambled on as long as you guys can stand it.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Things that Make you Go HMM!

I hope that you are singing the great song by C&C Music Factory right now like I am. Baby M officially has a name!

Haley Marie Mitchell

Haley- The only name that Trey and I both liked and agreed on!
Marie- My middle name, my paternal grandmother's middle name(Grandma Latham) and my niece Magan's middle name.
Mitchell- Our last name (hee hee)

I think that the Beckys (my mom and Trey's mom) along with Aunt Kellie are about to make a mad dash to the monogrammer!

Crazy few weeks!

I am going to be better about updating this! It has been a crazy few weeks for us. Trey has been working long hours on multiple jobs. He has been able to crawl around under buildings in poo and other fun things like that. He will have to give you the details because it made me sick to hear about his experiences.

On May 20, Trey collided with a high school kid running a red light. Thankfully, no one was injured!!! You can see what happened to the truck. After weeks of nagging the insurance company, we found out that the truck was totaled. We are getting a new truck, so stay tuned for more on that. I of couse got a little sentimental about the green truck because Trey asked me out for the first time in front of it, we had the ever important DTR in the green truck and even though it wasn't the car that we left the wedding in- it still got shoe polished on March 4, 2006. I guess the new truck will hold new, treasured memories.

We are about to start a summer of weekend trips instead of a big vacation. We head to Hyatt Hill Country Resort in San Antonio this weekend to have a fun-filled time with the Bookter family. We do have Griswald type experiences, so I hope to pass some along next week.

I am feeling great right now. I am at 25 weeks and am just now really starting to feel big pregnant. I don't think that the summer is going to be that much fun, but we will see. I can feel the baby moving around alot, she is quite fiesty! Trey can now feel her most of the time, so that is fun too. She likes his voice, but does not like his sneezes or the vaccum cleaner. I am also attaching a photo of me from last week.