Monday, July 28, 2008

Hurricane Dolly

Well, we're down in Harlingen where Hurricane Dolly came ashore. We went to the island, yesterday, and were the only people on the beach. We had to get permission from the Federal Marshals to get onto the island. That was interesting. We've been hanging out at my parents' house a lot because it's one of the few houses that has electricity... and a/c in town. Most of the streets had turned into rivers and farm land was 4 ft deep in water. It's kind of weird to see a truck driving one direction and a boat pass it going the other.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Crazy Week

Trey and I had a crazy, but exciting week. We are still learning how to be dog parents and all the fun that goes with it. Gus has minimized the accidents in the house and we have fun playing with him. It is dangerous to go to PetSmart because we tend to buy him more toys and more treats,etc. You can see from the photo that Gus had a little trouble figuring out the frisbee at first. I heard him banging something against the wall and looked over to see his frisbee become a necklace. Being the good mom that I am, I took a picture before getting him out of the frisbee.

My mom was put in the hospital with what they thought was a heart attack. She is a diabetic and was only experiencing a malfunctioning insulin pump. I started realizing how thankful I was for her health. She has had diabetes for 42 years and has fully functioning kidneys, heart and has good circulation to her feet and hands. She did miss my Dallas baby shower, which was horrible for her, but I am glad that she is on the mend.

Trey and his dad painting the nursery on Friday and it looks great. Evidently they are two of the most exact and perfectionist painters around. I on the other hand need a large wall and plenty of room to drop the roller, etc. We are painting flowers on the wall and there is a photo attached with Trey's handy work. Gus and I stayed out of Trey's way and would go in the room when Trey needed us.

We are headed to Harlingen next week for a little R&R at the beach with Trey's family. Of course there is a hurricane headed that way, so we will see how everything goes!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The story of a man and his truck...

Just wanted to show a photo of Trey and his new truck. It made its first voyage to San Angelo and got great gas milage. Trey discovered that it got better gas milage at 70 than 75. Yes, Trey went the posted speed limit! I know...shocking!

Introducing Gus Mitchell

I wanted you guys to meet our new family member Gus Mitchell. His full name is Augustus McCrea Mitchell, but we call him Gus. Trey's favorite movie is Lonesome Dove and his favorite character is Gus played by Robert Duvall or Bobby as Trey calls him because they are on a first name basis. He is an 11 week old blue heeler that we brought back from San Angelo. We got to meet his parents and Gus looks like his mom. You will notice that he is inside of the house. Gus is actually my wedding present. We have been married for almost 2 1/2 years, but there is a little background as to why we waited so long to get a dog. Before Trey and I got married we had long discussions about dogs and if they can come inside the house or if they have to stay outside all of the time. In my family, we had dogs that stayed outside when we weren't home and stayed inside when we were home. So an inside/outside dog. Trey's family only had outside dogs. My wonderful husband has allowed Gus inside when we are home. It was cute this morning to watch Gus and Trey take the trash out. Blue heelers are very loyal dogs and stick like glue to their loved ones. We can take him in the front yard and he won't run off. The back yard has become his domain which has not made the rabbits that lived under our deck too happy!! Stay tuned for more Gus stories!

We had a great time in San Angelo and we had a great baby shower. It was so much fun to see old friends and ladies that made such an impact on my life growing up. Of course we forgot our camera, so when I get some of the photos from my mom, I will post them.

The fun project this week....fixing up the nursery! We got paint last night and both sets of parents are going to help. My dad has is the self-proclaimed "King of Cutting In", but last time he helped us dropped a full can of paint off of the ladder. I can't wait!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Catching up...

I am pretty bad at this blogging thing...I kept waiting to make a post until we had a photo or something fun like that. Trey has the camera for work, so you are going to have to read without photos...

We had a fun weekend with Trey's family at Hyatt Lost Pines a couple weekends ago. Trey had to get golf shoes in order to play the course, so we headed to Academy to try to find some that weren't too expensive as playing golf isn't a regular thing for Trey. If you have played with him, I am sure that you can agree! I think that the shoes worked! He won the game between his dad and his brother. The pool was great and I had fun floating in the river. We were able to pick up our new truck in Austin and Trey is really proud.

Since I wasn't able to download the photo, you will need to visualize with me...the truck is charcoal grey with a black accent at the bottom, it is really tall and loud! Trey is in heaven! He has spent the last couple weeks modifying things to get better gas milage- I think that it just made the truck louder and that was the motivation. The truck is making its first voyage to San Angelo this weekend.

We had a great 4th of July relaxing and eating and eating! We found a great place to watch the fireworks in Frisco. If you pay, I will give you the location...hee hee There was a family that had 2 little kids that were letting them play with fireworks. All I know is that at one point the kid tried to throw a box of fireworks that were lit into the back of their van. Not cool. I did discover a new joy in shopping! Shopping for baby clothes is more fun than shopping for my clothes. Trey is nervous!!

Trey has been working early morning jobs this past leaving the house at 5:45 am. It has been nice for me to not leave the house before he is awake! Trey did fall asleep yesterday during his lunch. He sat down with a plate of food at 1:15 and woke up with the plate still full of food at 2:15.

Be in prayer for the youth at our church as they head to Chicago this week for a mission trip. Trey and I got a sneak preview on Monday night. It made us really sad that we can't go, but we also felt good as a large group of students we got to know last year actually were excited to see us.

I will stop rambling and will post photos next week of our first baby shower in San Angelo!