Monday, October 27, 2008

1 Month

I can't believe that it has been almost 5 weeks since Haley came along. We have been busy getting into the parental routine. Mema and Papa came back to see Haley on Sunday. We went to the doctor today for her 1 month check up and she is now 8 lbs. 7 oz. and 20.8" long. She is in the 25-50% in each measurement. The doctor said that we have a petite baby. I guess that we will be wearing 0-3 month clothes for a while. We went to a costume party on Sunday night and Haley was a puppy. Of course her costume was too big.

Mommy and daddy had a night out on Saturday night to attend a wedding. Mommy felt like she was missing something. Aunt Kellie had a fun time with Haley and volunteered to keep her again. We are taking her up on her offer!

Haley and I went to the Arboretum on Wednesday with some other friends from church. Haley and mommy took a couple photos, but it is hard to pose a 1 month old on a pumpkin. A cold front came through when we were there and it was got a little cold. Rosemary and Avery went with us. We had a fun day!!

I am posting photos of her Halloween costume, her big smile after church- she only smiles with her eyes closed, crying girl, playing with Gus, what Haley looks like when she sleeps, a pic with Haley's Aunt Amy and meeting Summer at Mapleshade dinner.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Crazy Day

I know what y'all are thinking, two posts in one week. What is going on...We had an eventful day. My coworkers gave us a jogging stroller that Haley loves to ride around in. We like to walk with her because it tends to calm her down when she is having a rough time. It is also a fun family activity time. We loaded Haley up and put Gus on his leash and set out for a fun walk around the block. It had been raining off and on, but we felt like the rain wouldn't be a problem. Boy, were we wrong!! The bottom dropped out about a half mile from our house. We were a couple houses away from our friends Coby and Sally's house and took refuge on the front doorstep while Trey and Gus ran home to get the car. We scared Sally because she thought that someone left a baby on her doorstep. Of course it stopped raining a couple minutes later and we were able to load Haley into the car and head home.

We gave Haley a bath last night. She cried the entire time until we wrapped her up in her fun pink chicken towel. She calmed down and seemed to enjoy after bath time better. She looked really cute, so I am posting photos of this time. Of course Gus was right in the middle of the action to help.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

3 Weeks

I can't believe that 3 weeks ago Haley came into our lives. Time has flown by! This week has been a good, but challenging week. Trey and I have amazing parents!! We had help from them until Friday and now we are on our own. We are settling in and learning as we go. Haley tends to stay awake until 12:30 am after her 11:00 feeding and lately has stayed up until 5:30 am after her 3:30 am feeding. I guess that we have a little night owl on our hands. I kept reading that after giving birth I would randomly cry because of hormone levels adjusting. I went for over a week without crying and it has now hit me. Poor Trey...I cry over random things. I cried in Walgreens because I couldn't find the make-up I was looking for.

We did have a fun Saturday with football watching and then Haley got to go meet a new friend, Evan. He is an answer to prayers for our friends. Evan was born on Saturday weighing over 10 lbs. Haley hasn't made it to 8 lbs. and she is 3 weeks old. Everyone at the hospital looked at me funny when I was trying to find a place to feed Haley. I think that they thought that I was trying to take her since she does look like a newborn!

We also went to Bible Fellowship on Sunday. Haley was great...she slept the entire time. Yesterday I went to the grocery store while Trey watched Haley. I felt like I was missing something!

I am attaching photos of Haley at 3 weeks; our new family (with Haley and Gus); Trey & Haley with Evan & Dave; I hate tummy time photo; first trip to church photo; and milk drunk baby photo. Is it sad that most photos have Haley crying? She is a little camera shy.

Monday, October 6, 2008

2 Weeks!

So alot has happened in two weeks. Haley is now 7 lbs. 6 oz.(25%) and 20.3" long (75%). So our little baby girl is tall and skinny. Mema and Papa (Danielle's parents) stayed with us for a week and on Friday Nanny and Papaw (Trey's parents) came to visit for a week. Nanny and Mema have taken the "night shift" and I just get up to feed Haley. Last night Haley decided to stay up all night long. Nanny took the 10:00 to 2:30 shift and I took the 2:30 to 6:30 shift. We tried everything: swing, bouncy chair and even a stroller ride around the house.

We love our little girl and can't believe how wonderful she is and how even though I didn't get much sleep last night, I love hanging out with her. We kept thinking that we were going to have a "Mitchell sized" baby and not the small girl that we have. I am trying to find clothes that fit her. I get excited when something fits! She has a lot of growing to do!! Gus loves his little sister and loves to sit next to my feet when I am feeding her. He does not like it when she cries. I am glad that she likes his little sister!

I am attaching photos from the past couple weeks.The pics include: Haley sleeping, Haley giving daddy kisses, 3 generations of Bookters, Haley looking at herself in the mirror and Haley coming home from the hospital. The dress she is wearing was my first Easter dress.