Monday, June 1, 2009

Your child is active...and she talks a lot...

Words that I guess I better get used to. The nursery workers at church said that to me yesterday. I had told them that Haley was crawling and pulling up on everything. She was so active that the second hour of church was spent riding around in the buggy. Trey and I volunteer in the nursery and could hear her talking and kicking her heels against the buggy for most of the hour. I remember the days when Haley would just lay around and sleep...those are gone! Now we chase momma and daddy and try to keep up with Gus. Gus is the favorite target these days. He has learned to lick her in the face and she will stop. We have not found the dog food bowl yet!!

Haley is now 8 months old...yikes! Her favorite foods are sweet potatoes, chicken and pears. I am making her baby food and she seems to enjoy what I make. She dislikes peaches and bananas. She can feed herself puffs, ritz crackers and yogurt bites. She has quite the appetite. She has also tried turkey, green beans, peas and carrots. Haley is a great eater, but is still in the 30% for weight. She gets weighed again this month! I can't believe that she is 3 weeks away from being 9 months old!

Haley also has 2 teeth and signs are pointing to her adding a couple more this week or the next week. She is making a great face to show off her pearly whites.

Gus turned a year old in May. He can catch any frisbee that is thrown in the air now. He also knows the names of his toys and can bring them to you when asked. He gets jealous when we spend too much time with Haley. He also enjoys story time.

We now like to play in the pool...more on that later!

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icenhower-family said...

She is adorable...good thing she looks like you Danielle! *just kidding* I am loving the sun glasses.